Friday, July 18, 2014

Selfie with Compost

I have told my budding photographer daughter, never take a picture without a person in it. Obviously Ansel Adams would disagree. The point being, people give a thing or a landscape scale, point of view, and relevance. So behind me in my very American style of self-portraiture is our first project. It all starts with compost.
Now when you approach compost in sustainable agriculture it is more than just fertilizer, it is soil restoration. I could give this a super spiritual application in which this picture represents at so many levels. As with most Christ centered curriculums parallels are constantly made. I could also make analogies about how I've worn the same clothes since I left (thanks to all those who prayed for their return, I get them tonight) and now they are ready for composting. Or I could simply state that at 44 years old I am ready for some restoration.
Our family has been seeking to serve overseas for almost ten years and now we are almost all here. Pray for the children although they have been warned at the amount change they are about to experience, no one could imagine what a culture shock rural Africa is.
Ultimately this is a picture of me in front of rubbish which is on its way to becoming treasure. That isn't being too self indulgent, is it?

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