Monday, October 5, 2015

October Update 2015

Six is the Loneliest Number

This month’s update will not be about what has passed but about what we are looking forward to. In a couple of weeks Jeri has been invited to deliver a baby in Germany. A client who had a home birth previously is stationed with her family in Ramstein and is hiring her to come midwife her next delivery. Jeri is very excited and yet the journey comes with some challenges.

The most obvious challenge when going from an equatorial nation to a northern climate country where they are already starting to get snow flurries–how to dress appropriately. Unfortunately we don’t have a large outdoor chain store that sells colder climate outerwear. The best she can do is get a sweatshirt? Layers and lots of them and then when she gets there rent a coat? She will only need it for a couple of weeks!? But what can you do… there is never any need for cold weather gear here in Uganda.

The next challenge is timing the birth. This is not the couple’s first child so there is a history of delivery timing, but you never know. All parties are aware of the risks and limitations of trying to predict when the baby will come. They have given themselves a two-week window and crossed their fingers. We will pray that the timing is good and the baby comes while Jeri is there.

Because Jeri is really wants to deliver a baby. Uganda has proven uncooperative in letting just anybody deliver babies. She has been working with a local midwife, but the journey is long to the birthing center.  It is not the easiest place to get to, especially when taking a very crowded bus over a dusty road filled with potholes.  This makes it challenging to arrive at the birthing center in time.  Also, Uganda really wants their midwives to have a Uganda license.  Her licensure should be fine to work in Uganda, but she needs to serve at the local hospital for six weeks in order to receive her permit.  Part of our hesitation to get this accomplished has been due to transportation problems.  Hopefully, Lord willing, this will be resolved soon,

The other event she is looking forward to is a midwife conference that will take place during her stay and within proximity of her client’s home. Apparently this is a big international practitioner’s gathering and Jeri just happens to be able to go. Hopefully it is mostly indoors. And hopefully the baby cooperates.

The saddest part of this journey is of course the five children and husband she will be leaving for two-weeks. I don’t want to sound too pathetic but we are going to be alone. Jeri is setting up lesson plans so the children can continue their school and hopefully we’ll have a car by then …but, she is leaving us. Two years ago Jeri left me us to go to Uganda and have a missions’ experience–and fell in love with this country. Now we are here. Who knows what will happen if she goes to Europe for two-weeks?

Please pray for Jeri, and me us. The client is covering her travel and some expenses but we will need to get some incidentals, some warm clothes and stuff like that. Pray for travel safety and keep up with her on Facebook for her update posts. We’ll update you in November how it went

 The children have joined a local homeschool group. They gave presentations about their favorite things. Liesel demonstrated how to play the Cups game. Dora gave a lesson on taking blood pressure. Xander went over the details of telling a joke. Jax explained Fibonacci sequences to a bunch of grade school children. They are having a blast.