Monday, July 21, 2014

First Time to Town

Today we took the half an hour trip into town, which took a little longer because a third of the way to town the taxi bus we were in decided they wanted to go to Kampala instead of Jinja and booted us Jinja Town riders out! Upon arrival, by eventual boda boda, we set out to shop our lists. Eventually we may go to Jinja for an afternoon on the town, most shops don't stay open after dark, but for now the trip in is purely utilitarian. Get it and go. 

I'm sorry I didn't take any photos this trip. Not knowing what to expect I didn't want to be the annoying American trying to capture the scene with an iPad. When Zoe gets here, and I can run point, we will be sure to take some personal photos. Although my Ugandan classmates took very good care of me and made sure I didn't get run over by a motorcycle, I miss my family. I want the children to see Jinja Town. I'm done with waking up in the morning without my wife. They join me in another week, and I have still lots to prepare before they arrive, but this isn't why I brought my family into missions.

Before I depress myself further, everybody here is almost as excited to meet them as I am to welcome them. Of course if you are reading this you know the children and know they won't disappoint. Not that five children is so unusual, but five mzungu children especially when they see how tall they are. It makes me giddy just thinking about it.

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