Thursday, March 10, 2016

Prayer Update

To our supporters,

Thank you so much for all the well wishes and responses. It means a lot. This was not in the plan. We have so much more to do here. Jeri's hospitalization was not how we intended to leave Africa. Our plan to leave involved establishing a reserve fund to purchase return tickets getting set up back in America. Part of Jeri's reason for returning was to fundraiser toward that investment. Now this emergency is thrust upon us. We need to get home and money we would have received and saved over time is required immediately. We likely have a month before Jeri's recuperation plan is in place and our affairs in Uganda are settled.

Would you consider a final gift to bring us home? We will always serve the kingdom but this is going to take us out of full-time service. We have a lot to process and get though before we settle back in the States but in the diminishing capacity which Jeri sees herself facing we don't see a way to continue forward as donor supported missionaries.

We felt God had a third act for us but didn't know how and when this season of service would come to a close. The return of Jeri's MS may be the most definitive answer possible, short of how we began this journey fourteen years ago. We thank all of those who have supported us through prayer and giving. You have been the most generous people we could ever know and we are humbled by your faithfulness. We will be here until we get enough so if you can't give one lump sum please continue to give monthly until we save up the total amount.

May god bless you exponentially as you have blessed us,
The Clarks

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